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We are a diversified portfolio company spanning multi industry and multi jurisdictional locations. We seek high potential growth opportunities to:

  • Invest in.
  • Partner with.
  • Distribute for.
  • Organically build.

We thoroughly enjoy working alongside entrepreneurs from early stage companies to mature companies looking to break through the ceiling.

We bring energy and driven spirit to win. Our management style is to set a tempo to achieve the goal.

We build from 3 simple key principles



We believe passionately in what we engage in, and never compromise our standards or values. We strive for tenacity, persistence and excellence.



We lock in on the target and commit to hitting it. We adopt a positive mental attitude to ride through inevitable challenges and remain focused on the goal. Attitude is the way you mentally look at the world and how we view our environment. It is the razor focus we’ve developed.



When we engage with friends, prospects and clients, our core value is dedication. We identify opportunities that we believe create deep value for our friends, prospects and clients. 

"What gets measured gets managed"

Peter Drucker

remember where we started

Since 2018

In  2012,  the main principle of Hecksher Partners relocated from Dublin, Ireland with his family to Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. The move came as a result of a leading role at Apex Fund Services Group that saw multiple business trips from Europe to the USA and LATAM.

All roads in LATAM lead to the Gateway of the Americas – MIAMI. In 2012 Apex Fund Services established 3 offices to target the new growing region.  NY(USA), Miami (USA) and Montevideo (Uruguay). As we established a presence in Florida we started to work with the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott and the growing movement of North East and International Fund Managers relocating to Florida. We saw major success in the initiative and the business thrived. In 2015 prior of the acquisition of Apex Group by a major PE group, Mr. Hecksher exited Apex to spearhead the global growth of Trident Trust Fund Services group. This was a great endeavor as we grew new revenue across multiple global locations. 

Combining our deep Knowledge, Experience, and Solutions in the global fund’s areas Hecksher Partners was formed as a holding company for new growth initiatives targeting predominantly the global funds arena.

Today, Hecksher Partners is a diversified holding company spanning the US, Europe and Africa. We advise, establish, invest in high-growth product and services companies targeting niche opportunities.

The approach in all our endeavors is simple: BUILD, OPTIMISE and GROW

Hecksher Partners Portfolio of Companies:

  • NexGen360 – Global Fund Solutions and Advisory Business 
  • NexGen Fund Platform – Full turnkey emerging manager platform  http://www.nexgenfundplatform.com
  • iDeals – Strategic Partnership with global Virtual Data Room (VDR) provider.https://www.idealsvdr.com
  • HubSpot – Strategic Partnership for CRM “HedgeFund Workflow” tool and other sales sectors.http://www.hubspot.com
  • Why Florida – Work in the Cloud Live in the Sun – Florida for business (Asset Managers) and family https://workinthecloudliveinthesun.com
  • Eco3tech: ecofriendly sterilization units distribution rights agreement http://www.eco3tech.com
  • Thalco Capital Management – Fund Services Consulting business for high growth providers www.theApexgroup.com; exited in 2017
  • Borlottie (Dublin, Ireland), fast casual dining, grass roots up, concept, design, and commercialization; exited in 2016
  • North44Degrees – Ski Vacation property rentals – acquired 4 properties in the the Porte Du Soleil Region and ran full ecommerce booking platform offering a full turn key ski vacations solutions; exited  2010 

“Sound strategy starts with having the right goal”

Michael Porter

communication is key

personal service

making a start

We set up a discovery calls, meetings, and build a client profile. We then carry out detailed Operational Diagnostics to identify what stage the business is at, the gaps to be filled to succeed, the required resources and stakeholders, the required capital, and the fractional C-Suite options available. With you, we structure a go-forward business plan.

get to know each other

We believe in building a deep strong relationship with like-minded people, "Laws of Attraction". We invest the time to get to know you. "Turning a stranger to friend to a customer". Seth Godin.

understanding your objectives

Through key interactions and discovery, we get to know you and learn about your key core competencies, values and beliefs. What represents you, your objectives, and the best steps to accelerate that journey. Taking you from in the business to on the business.

determining your goals

The niche you've identified, the Why? the Who? and the How? We work with you to explore the passion, the vision and the mission statement.
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Seeking Revenue Growth:
Have a great product and vision, are you lacking route to market and delivering on the value proposition. Need a defined route to market, product/service positioning and an increase in conversion rates. Need a product and management champion. We drive your growth and design the process. " Trust the Process"

Executive Management team

Do you have the need for more expertise, a more robust senior experienced trusted team. Do you have new roles to be filled, individuals retiring, are you unsuccessful in attracting the right talent. All expensive lessons to be avoided. A need exists and revenue can't support: solution fractional outsourcing. We drive the Outsource Model - the future.

Market Entry

New product/existing products or services. Seeking new market entry. A key area of our expertise is Florida, USA. 18th largest economy in the world, 21M population and our reach extends across the globe.


What stage are you? Pre-revenue, early-stage or established revenue. We have a network of Angel Investors, VC's, UHNI, Investment Banks and Private Equity.
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

our team of experts are here for you

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

We have a number of successful engagements where we have delivered and in some case secured over $20M for a client through our outsourced  C-Suite Services. Get to know us and unlock the true value of working with us.

There is only winning when working with our team. We have dedication, persistence and tenacity. We believe in the mantra, figure it out and “Get it Done”. 

Our team will get to know you, help you identify the problems areas, identify the quick wins, delegate to key stakeholders and take a step/stage approach. “A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step”.

We sure do, we believe you get back what you put in and always happy to help guide,  advise and mentor the right people. “Always be opening more doors than you’re closing behind you”

YES, we are based in the USA on EST and available any working days during 8am to 6pm. However once a friend and a client, we move to the “ALWAYS ON” access to the CEO and Founder.

Our team of seasoned senior executives bring deep experience and knowledge to our clients. Only time gets you Wisdom.

We move at an accelerated pace and our years of discovery, our library of knowledge and instant global network allows up to compress weeks and months into hours to help you expedite and achieve the goal

YES – Always seeking great motivated people to come and join us. We offer an incredible referral fee program and seek competent consultants (game changers) to help our clients.

If you think you’re a good fit for our team,  email thalius@hecksherpartners.com